Theme Spotlight: Pirates Theme Event

Whatever your theme, we can carry it out via decor, food, games, and entertainment. We had fun with this pirate theme tablescape which consisted of driftwood, sand dollars, a message in a bottle, nautical rope, “gold” coins, a parrot and a sign that read either “Pirates Gather Here” or “Pirates Only – All Others Walk the Plank”.

The buffet was Caribbean inspired and decorated with a treasure chest centerpiece brimming with jewels, fish netting, large versions of “Treasure Island”, and nautical props. The plank bar was set on large wine barrels draped in fishnet.

The pirate ship slide was enjoyed by the kids who also had fun in a themed craft area where they decorated treasure chests and made pirate hats and toy boats. Getting their faces painted by a friendly pirate wench was also a treat. Caribbean steel drum music set the background ambiance for everyone. And guests seemed to love the team building activities which featured games like “Walk the Plank” and “Swab the Deck”!

Face Painting at picnic
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